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All our staff are CRB checked prior to employment

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) helps employers in England and Wales make safer recruitment decisions. A number of roles, especially those involving children or vulnerable adults, are entitled to a Criminal Record Check.

All our staff have achieved the IOSH Safe Worker Passport

The IOSH Safe Worker Passport covers the foundation health & safety knowledge and requirements for staff to work safely whilst visiting a clients’ site. The Safety Worker Passport is 100% compliant with HSE safety passport scheme.

This training requires completion of a written examination and practical test. Successful individuals will be issued with a credit card sized passport confirming their achievement. The card will be valid for 3 years and can be renewed for a further 3 years with a 1 day refresher course.

All our staff carry a valid CSCS card

CSCS cards are proof of occupational competence by contractors.This is the white/grey coloured card and covers construction related occupations and will show the individuals current job role. This card is valid for 5 years; applicants will need to retake the construction skills health & safety test.

In most cases, to apply for a CSCS card, you must have passed the Construction Skills Health and Safety test within the past 2 years. CSCS is designed to improve quality and reduce accidents.

All our staff are qualified IPAF operatives where required

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide. It is a non-profit organisation owned by its members.

This qualification is to learn how to operate Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). Inclusive of any scissor lifts and personnel lifts that do not have outriggers, so the machine can be driven whilst elevated.

Steam Cleaning in Bradford

Cleaner Cleaners Bradford, our specialist steam cleaning team can clean a vast areas of different surfaces using our most advanced steam cleaning system, equipment and solutions. Our steam cleaning service can thoroughly deep clean items which may carry germs and bacteria.

A professional Ecosteam cleaning machine is used. It works by using ordinary tap water to produce superheated dry steam which pumps out steam to 120 degrees. The power and temperature of the method used means that many areas can be cleaned and sanitised which brings back their original condition. including: kitchen appliances, oven, bathroom, bins, windows, refrigerators, worktops etc…

Steam cleaning is an extremely hygienic method of cleaning, using steam to remove stubborn dirt, grease and grime, proven to kill 98% of dust mites and neutralise their allergens.

This method is extremely efficient and it is appropriate even for people who suffer from allergy and asthma as only ordinary tap water is used and therefore no chemical residue is left.

A member from our Bradford specialist steam cleaning team will come and tackle your problem areas and leave them sparkling clean - you will not be disappointed!

To book one of our cleaners to visit your property, please do not hesitate to call Cleaner- Cleaners Bradford

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Top Seven Reasons for Steam Cleaning

Vapor Steam Cleaners have become a preferred cleaning tool for many people with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. Here's why...
  1. Chemical-Free Cleaning

    Since the only ingredient needed to use a steam cleaner is water and heat, cleaning and sanitizing your home has never been more environmentally friendly. After all, does it really make sense to make a sandwich on a countertop that's been sprayed with poison? Not only do you eliminate chemical residues in your home, making it a safer place (especially for children and pets who practically live on the floor), but you also help the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals that get washed down the drain and recycled back into our water supply.

  2. A Whole New Level of Clean

    While you'll still need to put in the effort, the results after using a steam cleaner surpass the conventional method of solvent and sponge. Since steam deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture, debris is removed thoroughly and quickly, leaving a chemical-free clean and making your job easier. From bathrooms to basements, large surface areas like tile floor and counter-tops, carpeting, upholstery and even barbeque grills, there are attachments for every area of your house. You'll end up cleaning things you've avoided for ages.

  3. Spend Less Money on Cleaning Supplies

    You will never have to decide on lemon or pine scent again! You'll never need floor polisher, glass sparkler, oven cleaner, tile blaster, or the bald guy in the white t-shirt hanging around again (for those who didn't get that reference - Mr. Clean). You won't even need those sweaty rubber gloves to protect your hands from solvents. Owning a steam cleaner means owning one exceptional cleaning and sanitizing product for many of your cleaning needs. What will you do with all the extra money? What will you do with all that extra space?

  4. Hunt Down & Eliminate the Trickiest, Nastiest Culprits

    Bacteria, viruses, and mold may not be detectable, but they are potentially some of the most hazardous pathogens that can result in irritations, allergies, and infections. When a steam cleaner is used, the tiny hot vapor molecules penetrate the pores of a surface, and as they come in contact with the cool surface of the pores, they expand and force all dirt, debris, and bacteria to the surface. Vapor molecules are so hot that they are not only able to extract pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella from surface pores, but also kill them. Good-bye infectious enemies!

  5. Kill & Control Allergens like Dust Mites

    The sun pours in, and there are little "things" floating in the stream of light. No, it isn't mood lighting; many of these airborne particles are some of the most prolific allergy triggers in the home - the waste matter of dust mites, second only to pollen in causing allergic reactions. Using a steam cleaner regularly will remove these microscopic, sneeze-inducing pests for good. Some allergic reactions translate into asthma (which is on the rise among children), but studies show that avoiding allergens in early childhood can prevent the onset of asthma. Using a steam cleaner is a great way to keep everyone in your home healthier by eliminating these allergens from your mattress, pillows and upholstered furniture.

  6. Kids & Toys

    Steam cleaners can help transform a germ-ridden, odiferous nursery into a sparkling clean, chemical-free baby sanctuary. Toys, especially those that are shared with other children, are notorious germ traps that are more than efficient at attracting a host of bodily fluids. A steam cleaner will kill any lingering guests after a play date filled with sneezes and runny noses.

  7. A Pet Lover's New Best Friend

    Just because you have a pet, your house doesn't have to smell like one. A steam cleaner will eliminate eau de dog, sanitize birdcages and aquariums, and spruce up the litter box area so you needn't hold your breath as you walk past. The high-temperature heat kills fleas, their eggs, and their larva. Using a steam cleaner will eradicate these tenacious pests without the use of harsh chemicals.

  8. Dust Mites: What You Don't See Does Hurt You

    Dust mites, the irritating cousins of the tick and spider, feel quite at-home in your home, or more specifically, in your mattress, upholstery, rugs, carpets, quilts, pillows, and stuffed animals. In these soft, plush environments, dust mites feed on flakes of dead skin shed from humans and animals. These critters then leave behind their waste matter - a major allergen and asthma trigger. Here's some simple math for you: a single dust mite deposits up to 20 droppings a day, and the average bed is infested with millions of dust mites. You're in bed an average of eight hours per day, so you're side by side with an enormous amount of debris that can make you feel as though you haven't been in bed for eight hours.

    So what does this have to do with steam cleaning? Well, in the same way that steam kills fleas, steam will obliterate dust mite colonies in your mattresses and carpets. Regular steam cleaning followed by vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum to pick up the allergenic debris will make a significant difference in your home's air quality and most importantly, your family's health.

    Steam Cleaning 101 Questions

    Why should I use a steam cleaner instead of my usual cleaning products?

    Let's equate the use of infant skin care products with the use of solvent cleaners around the home. The healthy maxim is to avoid applying anything on baby's skin that the little one shouldn't ingest. Now take that concept and think about how your body comes in contact with chemicals that are used on the surfaces around your home: furniture polish lingering on the dining room table, floor cleaner residue that attaches itself to bare feet, the ammonia used throughout the bathroom. So, would you rather absorb these nasty chemicals, or have contact with the only thing a steam cleaner needs to operate - pure, clean water?

    If keeping your family chemical-free is not enough to convert you to the virtues of steam cleaning, think about how your shopping list will shrink. After your initial investment in a steam cleaner, there will no longer be a need to buy the dozen or more cleaning products that line the shelves in your laundry room or sit under your kitchen sink. You'll no longer need to stand transfixed in the cleaning aisle, wondering which "New & Improved" product will do the best job because you won't need them. No creams, no powders, no floor cleaners.

    Using steam is healthy for our planet, too. Chemicals used in cleaning products, more often than not, get washed down the drain - like the big bucket of dirty water mixed with floor cleaner, or the blue stuff that swishes around your toilet. And where do they end up? They end up in a few different places - like in our water supply, threatening waterways and the wildlife that depend on these areas for sustenance; some are even hormone disruptors that don't biodegrade. Environmentalists estimate that an average household's cleaning products contribute about 8% of total non-vehicular emissions of organic compounds, which not only pollute the air, but also cause eye, nose, and lung irritation, as well as rashes, headaches, nausea, asthma, and, in some cases, cancer.

    Your steam cleaner will restore dirty tile and grout, get rid of baked-on grease in ovens or on barbeque grills, and reach grimy, out-of-the-way spots that most people dread to even consider.

    How does pressurized steam work as an everyday cleaner?

    When steam is forced onto a surface, the very small vapor molecules penetrate pores in the surface. The vapor molecules quickly and powerfully expand to force out all dirt, grease, detergents, bacteria, and basically any particles that don't naturally belong on the surface. The added bonus is the high temperature of vapor molecules, which kills bacteria and other pathogens like mold, fleas, flea eggs, and dust mites. The result is a surface that is sanitized, deodorized, and hypoallergenic. A thorough job of cleaning also means you won't have to work as hard the next time around!

    Why Choose Us For Steam Cleaning in Bradford

    Cleaner Cleaners are determined not to be ‘just another cleaning company’.

    Let’s put your mind at ease:

    1. First and foremost, we’re people people. We’re easy to talk to and easy to work with. Nothing’s too much trouble and we’re not interested in bamboozling you with technical talk or abbreviating every second word to make ourselves sound impressive.

    2. Our contracts range in size from a small one bedroomed flat or the smallest shop window, to tall multi-storey offices - including domestic properties, stately homes, apartment blocks, museums, schools, factories, hotels and more.

    3. We all know that lowest price doesn't always mean best value. In fact it usually means that you get exactly what you pay for. Our approach is to provide a cleaning service that’s just what you need, delivered by a team that you can rely on and that are passionate about what they do. We can talk technical because we do all of the technical stuff that you would expect, using all of the latest technology to deliver the best possible results at a competitive price and ensuring that we can safely access any building no matter what the shape or size. But we prefer to keep things simple; great cleaning, minimal disruption and easy to talk to. But really we’re about relationships and results.

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